A Simple Party Ready Navy Playsuit

Friday, April 8

Playsuit: Apricot* | Necklace: Topshop | Bracelet: Apricot* | Shoes: F&F
I'm always on the hunt for versatile outfits for a night out that I can wear over and over again and I think I've found it in this playsuit from Apricot. The colour and style is quite plain which means I will have loads of accessories to wear with it but the lace detail on the back and side adds some interest. The playsuit is shorter than I would normally wear but as it is made from a lightweight crepe I'm sure it won't be uncomfortable or ride up. 

I'm sure are all aware of my love affair with New Look and as Apricot is a brand they stock I've come across it before. I love that there is somewhere to see these pieces in store before ordering. A quick mention should go to this simple bracelet with adorable bees on it which was only £5 and I've been wearing on and off all week. It is a perfect lightweight that won't annoy me and the style is great for adding something to summer dresses. You can see a better picture on my Instagram if you're interested. 

This necklace is a little more than I would normally wear but it was a birthday present from my cousins. When the playsuit arrived I knew they would go together perfectly. I like my jewelry pretty and delicate but sometime I'm hunting for something more that I never own. So this necklace will fill another gap in my wardrobe. 

I'm sure you will see this playsuit in party snaps on Instagram soon!

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