My week in pictures #167

Monday, April 11

(From top left) I'm *almost* as tall as Victoria - the highland wildlife park's female polar bear. Giving Sophie her bedtime bottle is honestly the sweetest thing. A walk round Loch an Eilein showing Scotland at it's very best. A delicious black pudding stuffed chicken breast with pepper sauce at the cairngorm hotel. Final things arrived for the field trip to Arran on Monday. Scott and I made a crab tart on Saturday night after we got home from the pub. 
I’m currently on the train on the way to my first geology field trip so I will have to make this post quick. Last week I had a fab time in Aviemore with my aunt, uncle, cousins and second cousins - I have a big family who I rarely get to see all together. We go every year to the same house at Dalfaber Golf & Country Club. For the first half of the week my baby cousins Sophie was there for the first time so we got to take her swimming and out for walks. The weather wasn’t great on Monday so we jumped in the car and headed to Inverness to do some shopping. Didn’t see anything I wanted but that never stops me from having a good time.

On Tuesday we went to the Highland Wildlife Park which I was probably most excited about. I love polar bears so it is great to see them up close, they also have tigers, red pandas and snow leopards. I took lots of pictures so I’m thinking about putting a post together. The next day one set of cousins left and others came up. Carry who is 7 and Finlay is 5 so they are always lots of fun - we took them swimming when they arrived before tea. I love being in the pool so any excuse really. We also visited the osprey centre at Boat of Garten - we do this a lot but I still find it fascinating to see such huge birds even from a distance and learn more about them. Really hope they are successful at rearing some chicks this year.

The last day always comes round to quickly and as in our tradition we walked round Loch an Eilein. It was supposed to be the best day so we had an early lunch and went for it. In typical Scottish fashion it really poured when we were halfway round. It didn’t spoil our enjoyment and I think I still got some good pictures. After going swimming again we went to the Cairngorm Hotel for tea - it is always a tradition to go on the Friday even if we had already been on the Sunday. The food as always was gorgeous!

On Saturday we just get up and head home fairly early - I was okay with this because I was excited to see Scott. When I’d got home and dumped a load of washing in the washer and he came to pick me up. We had a few more drinks in the pub than I had meant to - we walked home fairly tipsy and made a crab tart for tea which was delicious and watched the golf til I was falling asleep. Despite not really wanting to I went home on Sunday afternoon to pack. I discovered when I started that my room was too much of a tip to even think about packing so had to spend an hour or so tidying first. The day passed so quickly while I got ready to leave the next morning. We started watching the Masters on the TV before deciding after midnight that we might as well go to bed because Jordan Speith was so far ahead - how wrong we were!?

This week I’m on a residential field trip on Arran which I’m both excited and nervous for. Most of all I’m looking forward to being outside all week, taking in the Scottish scenery and doing lots of walking. It will mean I’ll be quiet on social media but I’m going to try to keep my Instagram updated. 

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