My week in pictures #172

Sunday, May 15

(From top left) We spent Monday afternoon lying in the sun in the park. Our new cooker was installed on Tuesday - loving have a spark that actually works for a change. Scott has wanted a TV in my room for months so on Wednesday we finally put this one up on my wall. The second last game of the season was on Thursday night so we went to watch it - it was bloody freezing. Out for drinks on Friday night to celebrate the end of exams. We enjoyed breakfast at Sweet Mamma's Kitchen in Aberdeen to cure our hangovers. 
What a difference a week makes! My last exam was on Friday morning so I was determined to make the most of my last four days studying. On Monday the weather was glorious and hot so my flatmate and I decided to go to the park. Along with my laptop and revision of course but it was the best way to spend the afternoon. Tuesday was equally as nice but unfortunately I felt like I couldn't go out again. By Wednesday I felt like I was really making progress with my studying which was lucky because Scott came around in the evening. 

Together we wall mounted the TV for my bedroom then made tea. When we went to bed we were finally able to watch something without having to hold onto the laptop. Luckily for me Scott was staying two nights so went he was at work I managed to do more revision and then in the evening we went to see Aberdeen Vs Hearts. Pittodrie was bloody freezing and Aberdeen didn't play well at all but we still had a good night.

I felt like my Chemistry exam went well on Friday morning so to celebrate I met my flatmate in town where we went for burgers for lunch. Afterwards it was back to the flat for a rest (exams make you so tired) before getting ready to go into town for some drinks. Getting back at 4am after we've been to McDonalds is pretty standard for us but getting up at 8am the next morning isn't. We had plans to meet Eilidh's aunty in town for breakfast. It is always a pleasure to spend time with them and Sweet Mamma's Kitchen is somewhere I'll definitely be back to. The rest of Saturday was spent lazily on the sofa watching TV but it was much needed. 

Sunday has been much more productive though. I woke up feeling fully rested for the first time in ages. I found the time to hoover the living room and my bedroom, clean the kitchen, go to the shops and bake cupcakes (you can see the results on my Instagram).  Once I've published this post I'm going to do my dishes and make tea.

I can't believe the summer holidays have come round so quick but I'm excited for all the exciting thing to come. Including going to Orlando in just 26 days. 

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