A Pretty Blue Embroidery Dress for the Park

Thursday, May 12

Dress: Yumi via TK Maxx (similar) | Cardigan: River Island | Shoes: F&F
Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the weather we've been having? It was to warm even for this cardigan on Sunday. In January, february and March I become so demotivated for outfit pictures so spring always bring in a boost for me! My flatmate and I headed to the park to get some fresh air and take photos for our blogs. It would have been a shame to waste it after all.

I've always admired dresses from Yumi so when I spotted this one in TK Maxx I practically ran to the checkout. It is gorgeous and only cost me £5. When I tried it on I was pleasantly surprised at how well made it feels, more structured and substantial than a lot of my summer dresses. It definitely wouldn't be out of place at a wedding... it is just a shame my ironing isn't up to scratch! 

Because I do live in Scotland I had to find something to wear that would keep me cosy too. I have a depressing lack of basic cardigans in my wardrobe so I found this one in my flatmates. It is a style I would never have bought but I love the way it looks and feels on. I searched online for something similar but so far I've not found anything. Let me know if you see something?

My last exam is tomorrow so today will be filled with final revision and trying not to panic. I want more days like this spent at the park in the sunshine please!

Thank you to my flatmate, Eilidh, for taking these pictures for me. She also had a blog which you can check out here

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