The 'Your 5' Event at Union Square

Tuesday, May 10

On Saturday I went down to Union Square to check out their 'Your 5' event. The basic concept was simple - The event features five key fashion and beauty looks showcasing this season's trends, without having to overhaul an entire wardrobe or make‐up bag in the process. I had a consultation with the fashion stylist who helped me pick out the 5 items that would suit me for spring summer. We then added them to their 'Your 5' app (they have ipads and do this all for you) so it could be email to you for future reference. 

I met Lauren from there so we went round together - it was so nice to be with another blogger. The whole experience was really fun and relaxed. I loved the way they had set everything up and the displays were lovely to look at.

All the items could be bought in stores in Union Square so it was good to find things from stores you wouldn't normally shop in. Below I've added the five items the stylist picked out for me and substituted when I was unable to find a picture on the website.  Key fashion trends for the season include the latest styles for; the shirt, the cropped jacket, the cropped trouser, sneakers and silk.

One thing I always worry about is being pressured to buy things. I don't like making impulse purchases and I'm a student so money is (very) tight at the moment. However, with this event they weren't actually selling anything there so you could go away and browse the shops at your own pace afterwards, try things on etc. It was really easy to find the items too because they were part of the promotion they were normally near the front of the store with 'Your 5' labels. 

I already have a very clear idea of what I like to wear and a wardrobe stuffed with clothes to prove it. However, this event would be ideal if you weren't sure what would suit you or are stuck in a rut with the clothes you wear. I enjoyed being talked through all the things than are on trend this season. 

After the event I was lucky enough to be gifted a Union Square voucher as a thank you for coming along to the event. I loved the cropped trousers but need something more 'day-to-day' in my wardrobe. Obviously I went along to Fat Face and decided on these coral coloured cropped trousers. I know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of these and who can say no to coral.

You should definitely look out for an event near you! I know they are going to Silverburn shopping center in Glasgow in a couple of weeks. Why not download the Union Square PLUS app too - it has exclusive offers, discounts and VIP tickets to events at the centre!

Please note that I was conpensated
 in return for attending and writing
 about the event but all opinions and
 the love of shopping is all my own

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