My week in pictures #171

Sunday, May 8

(From top left) On Monday I finally got round to watching Jurassic World. My MacBook wouldn't turn on and after a bit of googling I managed to work out it was probably this cable that was broken inside. Some treats from Fat Face after the 'Your 5' event in Union Square. Sunday walks with my flatmate because the weather was so warm.
This week exams finally started but it wasn't all bad... On Monday my flatmate was away home so I had the place to myself for three days. I was able to tidy and revise in peace but it was also kind of lonely too. I went out for a walk on Tuesday evening because it was so warm and it would have been a waste to stay inside. 

On Wednesday my flatmate came back and my boyfriend came round for dinner. We had nachos for tea and started a new TV series - 'The Secret' on STV. Not sure what I think yet but we really like James Nesbitt so we will keep watching. My first exam was on Thursday so I tried to read through my notes before it was time to leave. After the exam I just felt a bit down so I went to the pub with friends. I'm not sure how it went and all the revision I did didn't help me prepare for it. Pretty happy it is over now though!

I went to turn my laptop on on Friday morning and the worst happened. It couldn't find the startup disk - it had totally lost the connection to the harddrive so I couldn't do anything. I took it into town to my boyfriends work where he helped me take it apart and order a new cable. When I got home I wasn't in a great mood so I watched a lot of TV... then we watched a movie. Really enjoyed 'Ricky and the Flash' even if it isn't what I would normally watch.

Even though I hadn't done a lot of revision I went out on Saturday. I went to the 'Your 5' event in Union Square in the afternoon. It was fun to talk to the stylist and look at the different styles for spring/summer. I walked round with Lauren from - it was so nice to not be alone and also have a fellow blogger with me. I'm gonna work on a blog post for Tuesday. I then did a little shopping and worked in starbucks until Scott finished work. In the evening we went to the supermarket and cooked a seafood lasagne for tea. After that we didn't do a lot apart from watch Modern Family and then head to bed. 

Sunday was a lazy morning and we didn't get up until after 10am... Scott had work so I made breakfast. After he had left I tidied the flat and had a shower ready to go out for a walk. My flatmate and I decided to go to Seaton Park because the weather was so nice. We played around climbing trees and taking pictures for our blogs which was fun. Apart from that today I've just been relaxing... and not doing any studying! Oops... 

Just sitting waiting on Scott getting back from work so we can make tea. Thankfully this will be the last weekend he is working so we will get to spend more time together. 

Stay tuned this week to see the photos I took at the 'Your 5' event and also the ones I took in Seaton Park today. 

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