My week in pictures #179

Sunday, July 17

(From top left) I managed to find another Olympic 50p for my collection this week. I finally finished Stardust in bed on Tuesday morning. The Kennedy Space Center shared my blog post on their facebook which made my views go through the roof. I selected 100 prints from our holiday in Orlando which arrived this week. The Stereophonics at Edinburgh Castle on Friday night. A room with a view of the castle - luxury! 
My week started slowly and honestly I didn't do very much. Monday was rainy so I spent the afternoon putting together some new pages for my scrapbook. I've been going out with mum in the car most evenings driving around town. I'm getting pretty bored of it but hopefully the practise will pay off. Wednesday was a nicer day so after a successful driving lesson I took my book into the garden and relaxed in the sun with the dogs. My skin is always so much better with some sun so I take every opportunity I can. It started to rain as I headed to Scott's later on so we just stayed inside. For tea we had lasagna which is always my favourite and watched Masterchef USA.

The bus I went to catch on Thursday morning didn't show up so I had to wait half an hour for the next one. Annoying taking so long to get home. When I was checking my blogs views I noticed a lot of traffic from facebook - this isn't normal for me so I had a look and saw that the Kennedy Space Center shared my post about my visit. Thanks to them it is easily my most viewed post ever and I feel so proud. Later on Mum and I went out for a drive but we also stopped at the harbour for a walk and a cheeky bag of chips. When we got home there was still plenty of light so I was able to fit in some outfit pictures too.

Friday was the most exciting day - we were off to Edinburgh to see the Stereophonics. We stayed the night in a hotel and had a great time at the gig despite the rain. We wanted to make the most of our weekend in Edinburgh so on Saturday we went to Ikea and in the afternoon had a walk down the royal mile to the parliament then back via the Grassmarket. We were staying in the Hilton which I thought was so posh. We went for dinner at Amarone where we shared a bottle of wine, followed up with cocktails at the hardrock cafe, morgans and lemonade at the pub then dancing in a club til 3am. No wonder it was a struggle to get up to check out at 12pm.

Mercifully neither of us had a hangover so we put our bags in the car and walked down the royal mile again to Mother India Cafe. I had been before but it was Scott's first time. They do the best tapas style indian food I've ever had so we walked out very full. Our little weekend away finished with a walk down princes street taking in all the sights. Scott and I don't normally do things like that so it was so nice to be on a little holiday.

Once home I felt so tired after my late night I've just lay on the sofa, I watched the Little Mermaid and sat on my laptop. Mum made veggie nachos for tea and now I'm going to have an early night. 

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