Visiting Busch Gardens Tampa

Wednesday, July 20

I didn't plan on writing another post about our holiday in Orlando but as I'd written about the Kennedy Space Center and Universal Studios it seemed wrong to miss out Busch Gardens which was also part of our Orlando FlexTicket Plus.

We drove there on the second day we had the car. It took about an hour and a half to go to Tampa on the west coast. I like traveling with Scott and we were able to amuse ourselves with the cheesy ads on the radio and the fact there was a McDonalds every five minutes. You might think I'm exaggerating but I'm really not!

Busch Gardens is predominantly a Zoo so I was most excited to see all the animals and in particular the giraffes which are my favourite. It was good to see they all seemed well taken care of and happy although the were mostly feeling lazy in the unbelievable heat. 

The flamingos were more scary than I expected with their big peaks. Of course the orangutans were a highlight swinging on the ropes in their enclosure. It was cool to see animals really close up including the kangaroos, wallabies, hyenas, lemurs, meerkats and of course the sleeping gorilla. I loved the hippos but sadly my picture went missing - I didn't realise how huge they were!

At the end of the day we caught the train around the Serengeti Plain where we saw lots of African animals including rhinos, zebra, antelope and of course the giraffes. I was so happy that we got to do this and see the animals closer up before we headed home again.

The park is also full of roller coaster and rides - they have eleven rides for 'thrill seekers'. Hearing the stats about them ('70 mph coaster whirlwind' and 'a 60-foot vertical loop and 7 inversions') I knew they weren't for me!

Instead Scott and I compromised and went on the water rides. The Congo River Rapids and Stanley Falls (pictured above) were both a lot of fun. I like the rapids (similar to the popeye ride at universal) because they have drops and spinning sections without being scary. The Falls however are different with a 40-foot drop to the base of Stanley Falls at the end it was kind of scary for me.

Both of these rides we got soaked on so it is best to do them at the start of the day so you have plenty time to dry out. In that heat it isn't very difficult though.

As this park is much further away than the rest Scott and I only came here the once. We spent the majority of the day exploring and left about 6pm totally shattered. I did try to persuade Scott to go on some of the coasters without me but he said no as he had already been on them on his last trip. I didn't want to spoil his fun after all!

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