My week in pictures #182

Monday, August 8

(from top left) I made tea on Monday - greek style meatballs and orzo. Lots of little toads on the road where we walk the dogs. More meatball but this time a sweet recipe from Lorraine Pascale. I stayed up after mid-night to watch the olympic opening ceremony. On Sunday we went to pick up Scotts new car which was very exciting. Another Lorraine Pascale for Sunday dinner this time cottage pie.
I didn't go out alot this week so I will keep this post short and sweet by only telling you about the highlights... which most revolve around food!

On Monday I made tea for the whole family using this Hellofresh recipe. I really enjoyed them and I think they were a hit with everyone else. I should help mum by making tea more often.

Wednesday was another foodie day - I had been craving these meatballs for ages so suggested them for tea immediately. Scott and I made them then watched Masterchef USA on telly before heading to bed. I miss Scott when he leaves early for work the next day but at least it gives me the chance to tidy up. When I got home on Thursday I discovered our internet was down so I took the opportunity to help mum again and do some housework before it came back on in the late afternoon.

We made a last minute decision on Friday and my Uncle and Aunt came out for tea. We took the dogs for a walk first in the lovely sunshine then ordered a chinese takeaway. When they'd gone home I made time to finish reading divergent before the olympic opening ceremony started at midnight. 

I was shattered on Saturday morning so I had a fairly lazy time in bed, dad and I watched some of the men's road race and we had leftover chinese. In the evening I took the opportunity to drive to Scott's where he was tired too so we ordered an indian takeaway and eat way too much! I've not been healthy at all recently. 

Sunday was especially exciting because we were finally able to go and pick up Scott's new car. It is a gorgeous candy blue colour so will fit in well with the red fiesta I drive. He is really pleased with it too... once we got it playing spotify which took longer than it should have. We made a delicious cottage pie for tea then took a walk down past the beach where Bryan Adam's was playing. Even though we didn't buy tickets it is always good to have a nosey.

I got home later that night after such a nice, chilled weekend with Scott. Excited to be planning our little getaway to Keswick and New Castle in a couple of weeks. If you have any tips please let us know.

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