Tile Print Comfy Trousers

Friday, August 5

Top: Fat Face | Trousers: New Look | Shoes: New Look | Bag: Accessorize
Scotland seems to have got much colder this week but I'm not ready to give up on summer just yet. Dressing like it is summer while staying warm is probably a skill unique to Scottish people. That's where these printed joggers come in - I bought them before going on holiday because they are light weight therefore great in hot weather. There is also something about them that is warmer when it is breezy outside that makes them good for summer in Scotland too. 

Similarly this embroidered style top looks so summery in white with a floral pattern on the front. As it comes from Fat Face it is made of a lovely thick material which will keep you warmer than the average summer top. I do wish it was easier to take photos of white tops though - they always end up over exposed! 

I know this outfit kind of looks like pyjamas but with the right accessories, gold jewelry and novelty bag, I think it works. It is as comfy as jammies though so that is always a bonus. 

Currently trying to work out if I should stay up to watch the olympic opening ceremony tonight. I also want to pop into town to get some ingredients for baking so I better get going.

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