A Postcard From The Isle of Skye

Tuesday, September 13

Last week I spent 6 days on the Isle of Skye as part of my Geology course. You might remember in April I went to Arran so this time I kind of knew what to expect. There are long hours, early starts, plenty of work and exercise. However, my friends are all there so we can have a laugh and there is amazing opportunities to take some pictures.

We spent the week in a hostel in Kyleakin, which is just over the bridge. It has gorgeous views and I took some of the best photos there. We also spent three days working on the coast near Torrin, measuring dykes near Elgol and sketching 'Kilt Rock' much to the annoyance of tourists who wanted to take a photo.

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet because I want to let the pictures do the walking for themselves. I am really pleased with them - I also Instagramed a few of them while I was away so you should definitely check them out here

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