Barburrito Opening in Aberdeen

Friday, November 18

I heard about Barburrito opening months ago and since I'm a big fan of mexican food I've been eagerly awaiting a date. You can imagine my excitement then when I got invited down the night before it even opened to try their burritos. Having a blog is blooming cool sometimes.

To start off with we got to try all the individual components which can make up a barburrito burrito. I liked the Spicy shredded beef the best but also thought the chicken was pretty yummy. In the end I chose the beef for my burrito along with rice, spicy beans, peppers and onions, chorizo, cheese and Guacamole.

We got to practice wrapping a burrito with just rice first before going behind the line to make our own. It was really exciting to give it ago myself and not as difficult to wrap as I'd imagined. With all the ingredients I choose though it was a big burrito and pretty filling.

It was really delicious and very filling. I like the set up to the restaurant too. It is really casual and you can just take your burrito away if you are in a rush. I think it would be the best place in Union Square for lunch with a regular burrito coming in at £6.50.

Obviously I couldn't leave a mexican play without getting churros... they were pretty tasty too.  If you're in Aberdeen I'd recommend Barburrito in Union Square. 

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