My week in pictures #194

Wednesday, November 2

(from top left) Finished 'Flesh House' was so good in the second half but it was dark even for me. Finished watching the first season of 'The Flash' this week - I'm addicted now! Made a yummy spanish style chicken and rice dish for tea this week. My fun mermaid costume for our halloween night out on Friday.
I've been dashing around all week I've not had a real time to write this post... I have a 3,000 word essay due next week and I've finally decided to start taking seriously. On top of that I have another project using the most complicated computer software imaginable. In light of all this I'm gonna have to keep this post to the bare minimum. 

On Monday, when we'd decided the heating was absulutely nessisary now, we discovered the boiler wasn't working. This ovbiously translated into stress for the rest of the week. Not helped by the fact that we were pretty chilly.

I went out on Friday for halloween with my friends and friends of friends. I thought a mermaid was an original idea but I've seen lots of mermaids on Instagram... regardless these leggings are pretty awesome! Motivation to keep going to the gym too. Our night out was really fun but I crashed about midnight, had chips and curry sauce in a take away while being chatted up (always classy) then got home to bed.

I slept until almost 12pm on the Saturday and didn't have long to get the flat tidy for my boyfriend coming around. Luckily I felt totally fine apart from still being tired. We got pizza from Papa Johns and fell asleep at an embarrassing 8pm. That meant with the clocks going back we both slept for a grand total of 13 HOURS!?

Sunday was a lazy day, we went to tesco then walked to TK Maxx before making a paella for dinner. Another fairly early night followed because I knew how busy I would be the next week.  

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