My week in pictures #195

Sunday, November 6

(From top left) Way too many hours spent in the library this week working on my GIS coursework project. A midweek treat with lunch at Grub on Thursday. A proper pamper night on Friday with a lush bath, face mask then a movie. All weekend at home I've had a shadow - why is he so handsome.  
Three things have been stressing me out all week to the point that it isn't very healthy. I had a 3,000 word essay to finish for Thursday, a GIS project to finish and create a poster for Friday and just as it has got really cold outside our boiler had stopped working... After lots of chasing up at the start of the week I can't tell you the weight it took off my shoulders when the boiler was finally fixed on Tuesday evening. I could go back to focusing my energy on university work at last.

I spent every waking moment in the library - getting there before it opened in the morning some days. I was so busy that apart from Yoga on Monday morning I've not been the the gym this week. Something I feel really guilty about but it is something I can fix next week. On Wednesday when the project was finally under control I also got an extension on my essay to take some of the pressure off. Scott came round and we eat nachos in bed... I just so badly needed the rest.

Thursday was a drag - my first lecture was a tedious three hours then my afternoon class went on for a pointless two hours. Finally I got to run back to the flat where Scott picked me up and we drove home. So happy to be back where my mum could take care of me I tried to finish my poster but I was just too tired. 

Obviously this meant a 7am start of Friday to get it finished, a quick trip to the doctors for an asthma check up then back to proofread before submitting it online. The rest of the day was spent driving round town practising with mum. My folks were out at night so I got to have a long soak in the bath, have dinner at my own time then watch a movie. I choose divergent because I recently read the book and really enjoyed it. Loved the film too - can't wait to watch the next one.  

Saturday was mainly taken up by my driving lesson in the middle of the day. I also managed to find time to take outfit photos, take the dogs for a walk and do a little more driving practise with mum. In the evening we watched strictly together with the fire on. We've not been able to do that yet this year so it was lovely. 

Sunday has been a lazy day with a longer lie, yet more driving practise with mum, more outfit photos (one set of which were all blurry *cry*) and now I'm fitting in writing this blog post before the strictly results show. It feels weird not seeing my boyfriend for the first weekend in months but I'll cope and finger crossed it is worth it in the long run. 

I have been a permanent sleepy zombie this week so I'm excited to take things a little easier this coming week. I also have some new content for the blog which is even more exciting - I've felt so out of touch with everything. 
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