My week in pictures #199

Monday, December 5

(From top left) In the library before sunrise this week. The Christmas tree is all light up on campus this week. Some Christmas goodies to brighten up our flat from Primark and Poundland. Out for dinner with the girls on Friday with a few bottles of wine first. Mulled Wine from the Christmas market before heading home for an earlyish night. A festive lunch at Malmaison with my boyfriend on Saturday. 
If you read last weeks 'Week in Pictures' post you'll know I let life and university get me down. This week was better though. Even though the stress hadn't let up I think I had a better attitude to it generally. I'm knackered by the long days though...

After waking up at home on Monday, doing some uni work, traveling back to Aberdeen then doing some more uni work I was more than ready to chill watching I'm a Celeb. Tuesday was an early start getting to the library for 8am, the gym then back home to revise for the afternoon. Wednesday was an even earlier start and I found it very confusing starting work in the dark but Scott was coming round in the evening so I had to find the time somehow. In the afternoon I took a walk into town to buy some Christmas goodies, pick up a tree and meet my boyfriend. We had enchiladas for tea but I was so tired I was falling asleep on my feet.

Thursday morning was spent in the library, in the afternoon I revised in the flat, my flatmate made my dinner (which was tasty) then it was time to put up the Christmas decorations while watching I'm a Celeb. You might have seen them all on my Instagram stories.

Thankfully on Friday I got most of my essay finished so I was able to treat myself. We went to Pizza Express for tea then the Christmas Market for mulled wine. I had to head home early because I had an early start at the library on Saturday to get my report finished (finally!) and then Scott was coming round. We had lunch plans at Malmaison to use the last of our voucher. It was lovely and festive - I had a turkey dinner. Then we spent the afternoon doing some shopping, looking at more Christmas decorations and buying nibbles for tea which we eat while watching I'm a Celeb. 

On Sunday, once I had printed my essay and taken it to my friend to handin for me, we headed back to Scott's house. I helped him with housework then we watched School of Rock while we put up his Christmas tree (more sentimental each year) which you also might have seen on my Instagram stories. The perfect end to a perfect Sunday was eating homemade lasagna in front of the TV with the lights on the tree twinkling. 

I've got a full week left before my exams so I'll really have to kick it up a gear and get all my work done. I'm trying not to put too much pressure on myself though or I'll make myself unwell.

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