My week in pictures #200

Monday, December 12

(From top left) My view for most of the week - exam revision. A walk on the beach with my little cousin. I burnt my hand so had to keep ice on it on Thursday night. Scott and I watched the Grinch on Sunday afternoon. 
This week has been boring so this post is going to be short. On Monday I woke up at my boyfriends and did some studying with the Christmas tree lights on. I find it really easy to study at his without getting distracted. I think it is because I'm so relaxed there. In the evening Scott went to play darts so I was able to relax on the sofa then prepare homemade pizza for when he got home. 

Tuesday morning was pretty much the same then after lunch we headed back to Aberdeen. We wrapped up warm and braved the cold and rain to watch the football. We won 5-1 then on the way home we went to burger king so it was worth it. 

After a long lie on Wednesday Scott left about mid-day and I spent the rest of the day studying in my PJs. I didn't leave the house again until Thursday when I went to meet my cousins, we had a walk along the beach then an early tea at Pizza Hut. Friday was spent in the flat too but we watched a Christmas movie in the evening. On Saturday I spent the majority of the day in the flat too. I took a walk to TK Maxx in the afternoon to get out but didn't see any Christmas presents so came back and continued to study until bedtime. 

You continue with the theme I spent all Sunday morning revising too. Then Scott came around (I begged him because revision was getting so boring) and we went to Subway for lunch, TK Maxx (again didn't buy anything), watched the Grinch then ordered a Papa Johns for tea. I was asleep pretty early but I think Scott was awake for ages after me - poor thing!

I did have content penciled in for this week but note to self - don't plan a book review for exam time. I've not had the motivation to finish the book yet because I can't bare to look at more text after I've been studying all day. Is this just me?

Exam will be over on Wednesday at 5pm and I'm counting down the seconds!

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