What I Got For Christmas 2016

Wednesday, December 28

I was very lucky this year - even if my 'main' presents weren't exactly a surprise. It also makes a really nice change receiving all my lovely gift on Christmas day and especially because that means I get to share them with you before New Year. Can you tell I like staying warm, cooking and chocolate?

I've been really good at going to the gym since September and obsessed with tracking my steps for even longer so a fitbit seemed a good next step. It will keep me motivated, record all my workouts (even swimming) and hopefully mean 2017 is even more active. 

This sweet little felted pin was bought by my dad, one for mum and I, and I think it is lovely. Not decided which jacket I will wear it with yet - maybe on of my more summery ones.

Since breaking the apple earphone that came with my ipod many many years ago I bought countless pairs of cheap ones. The last pair broke about a month ago so Scott decided I should have a new pair. I was spoilt with these ones and honestly I'm so excited to use them. The pressure is on to take care of them though.

The cookbook is good and Scottish but also has lots of 'basic' recipes my other books don't. The cosy socks are probably a dig at my feet always being ice cold in bed. We'll they can never be too warm in my book.

After the very cold spell in November, and my bed always being freezing despite the heating being on, I requested an electric blanket. Very excited to get back to Aberdeen to test it out - I've never used one before.

I've had this dress for a few weeks because my aunty got it sent straight to my house to make sure it would fit. It is the perfect sparkly dress, the right length for formal events too. I knew straight away it would be my hogmanay dress but I also decided to wear it one Christmas day too.

I've barely been to the cinema this year but hopefully my cousins will help change that. I wonder what I'll go and see.

When I unwrapped the pasta I expected the book to be an italian cookbook but instead it is a delightful Ginger & White book. It is full of lovely 'cafe' lunch style meals and cakes which I can't wait to try out - even if I've never heard of their cafes in London.

I unwrapped my flatmates Christmas present the night before leaving Aberdeen. It was stuffed full of lovely things including an amazing giraffe bag charm (I'm obsessed), cute squirrel frame and beautifully patterned cosmetics. 

Finally Scott's parents gave me some gift to unwrap on Christmas morning. I think maybe I piled on the hints about no one giving me chocolate anymore a little too strong! Regardless I'm very happy and can't wait to tuck into all that hot chocolate. They also gave Scott and I a voucher to go to Nick Nairn's cookery school in Aberdeen for a three hour class - I'm very excited about that one!

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else got for Christmas this year too. I've already seen a few posts on bloglovin' and everyone was really lucky. 

Incase you've not seen it already I launched a giveaway on Friday past to win a Hygge Kit of your own. Consider it as my Christmas present to you - go and enter here

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