My Year In Pictures 2016

Friday, December 30

  • In a bid to start reading again I joined the local library and by the end of the year had borrowed a fair few books.
  • My parents bought a new car at the start of the year - something smaller to help me learn to drive.
  • One of my favourite photos of Bundi this year (it still makes me laugh).
  • Celebrating my 21st birthday in March.
  • Also in March I went to my first bloggers event at Union Square - so grateful for the invite.
  • Scott and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary even though it feels like he has been in my life forever.
  • Another yearly holiday in Aviemore ticked off the yearly to-do list.
  • I survived my first geology field trip to Arran in April.
  • We saw Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds in Aberdeen which was amazing.
  • A family photo from my 21st birthday printed on a canvas for my student flat. 
  • Finally caved and let Scott persuade me to have a TV in my room - I must admit it comes in handy sometimes.
  • I voted in the EU referendum - even though the outcome was a shock. 

  • I bought my first ever pair of running trainers in May - I even tried running round the beach although it probably isn't for me.
  • Scott and I went to Orlando which was incredible. I actually can't rave about it enough to everyone I talk to (you can see all my blog posts here).
  • The Kennedy Space Center shared my blog post which was such an honor and made my page views boom!
  • Supporting fellow online influencers by buying Tanya Bakes - such a beautiful book.
  • Seeing Stereophonics at Edinburgh Castle was another highlight of the year.
  • My boyfriend also bought a new car - a blue fiesta to match our red one!
  • I baked a birthday cake for my flatmates 21st - in the shape of her favourite thing! 
  • All smiles from Scott and I before a new meal out in Newcastle in August.
  • I got third prize for my honey cake in the Dundee food and flower festival.
  • I survived a second geology field trip - this time to the Isle of Skye.
  • My friend got a puppy which made the first semester of third year a little easier.
  • I finished a few stressful mapping assignments this semester in the library.

  • I gave making homemade ice-cream ago for the first time - you can see my results here
  • I got invited to a fun blogger event at Orchid, Aberdeen and had such a great night.
  • I saw Aberdeen through to the final of the league cup with a win against Morton at Hampden.
  • For Halloween I decided to dress as a mermaid which looked pretty cool.
  • 2016 was the year I passed my driving test!!! You can read more about my experience here.
  • Another cool blogger event as I was invited to the opening of Barburrito in Aberdeen.
  • December walks with my little cousin along the beach - I love this photo.
2016 has been a pretty incredible year. I've been to more places than I ever thought possible. An amazing two weeks in Orlando Florida along with camping in the Lake District, a few nights in Newcastle and two field trips to the beautiful islands of Arran and Skye in Scotland. 

This year I also conquered my fear of going to blogger events by accepting the first one in March. I've met some really cool people and done thing I wouldn't otherwise have done. Especially being a student it is really nice to go out and eat or have cocktails with friends I otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford. 

Alongside Orlando the one thing that 2016 will always be known for is the year I passed my driving test. I talked about it more in a blog post but I still feel so lucky I can drive (even though I don't at the moment).

For potentially the first time at university I've found friends on my course who are REALLY my type of people. We have a laugh, talk about things we don't mean like it is serious and generally help (and stress) each other with coursework. I feel so so so lucky. The start of third year has been hella stressful and I couldn't have survived without them.

To make a nice change I don't have any personal or blogging goal for 2016. I would like this to continue to the way they are, with my boyfriend, my friends and my family. I'm also happy with my blog - sure I would like each and every post to have more views but I get to do cool collaborations and go to event too so I couldn't ask for more.

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