2016 in Sixteen Outfits

Tuesday, January 10

This post has been in my drafts since before NYE and it's only now I'm finding the motivation to write it. I think I write these posts every year in the hope that I'll see some sort of style evolutions but so far I think I'm missing it. The only thing that seems to change is the length of my hair.

Any outfit details can be found by clicking the link below the images to the original post.

A Love Affair with Mustard Blouses | A Simple Blouse and a Brown Floral Skirt | Can't Resist Styling a Dress as a Pinafore | A New Dress for my Birthday
At the start of the year I wore bright coloured shirts a lot. I had to stop myself from buying more I didn't need or wearing the mustard coloured one in every single blog post. I guess that does show a change in the way I dress if I want to wear blouses rather than tshirts.

In March I bought this beautifully coloured teal dress from MissGuided for my birthday. I love the style, the frilly bits and off shoulder style. A dress I've been able to wear since my birthday too.

A Pretty Blue Embroidery Dress for the Park | Summer Style in Fat Face Rosebud Pink Chinos | Boohoo Prom Queen | Bringing Out the Sequins | Styling Ankle Boots for Spring & Summer
You can see a sudden change in colour pallet when spring hits. I bought this gorgeous yumi dress is TK Maxx and it quickly became a staple for parties or meals out during the summer.

I got this outfit after attending the 'Your 5' event at Union Square because I feel in love with the colour of the chinos. Granted they aren't the most flattering shape but I wore them regardless. 

A prom look just in time for summer thanks for a collaboration with Boohoo.com. I love this dress but there is very limited places I can get away with wearing it too really so I've still not worn it.

This is a more simple look featuring a bargain skirt I'd been dying to wear and the fringed boots which are perfect for spring/summer. Also fell for these sunglasses this year.

Coral Bardot Top and Denim Button Up | Yellow Florals and Levi's Skinny Jeans | Tile Print Comfy Trousers | Styling Cold Shoulders with Zaful
The first three outfits here perfectly summarise the outfit I wore all through the summer, comfy, easy, bright and relaxed. When I took up the hem of this denim button up skirt I make it so much more wearable for me.

Finally you can see slightly more autumn colour creeping into a summer outfit with my first collaboration with Zaful. I didn't get to wear this shirt alot because the weather was starting to turn.

Styling A Pineapple Print Dress with Zaful | A Red Checked Shirt Dress | The Essential Blanket Cape for Autumn/Winter | An Oversized Maroon Cardigan from Zaful
I'm dying to get to a tropical beach so I can run through the sand in this beautiful pineapple print dress but in the meantime I styled it for a more formal occasion. 

We've come full circle again to the autumn/winter outfits. The first two looks were done in collaboration with Apricot - I love the checked shirt dress for it's simplicity and the blanket cape because it stands out! 

My last look of the year this the simple maroon cardigan that added a lot of warmth to my wardrobe in November. Disappointingly my outfits fell away after that point due to university stress and being so busy. 

I've not taken an outfit picture since the end of November so despite being out of practice I'm going to make sure I take plenty before I got back to university at the weekend. 

Do you have a favourite outfit of 2016? I'd love to know in the comments below.

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