My week in pictures #204

Monday, January 9

(From top left) I went out in the car by myself for the first time on Monday morning - also reverse parked into a space at the train station. A rather dramatic looking beach scene on Arbroath beach. Bundi love watching the fire intently - he can get quite close though. We have played a few games of trivial pursuit the Harry Potter edition this week. My flatmate Eilidh came to visit which was really nice. Finally persuaded someone to watch The Man From U.N.C.L.E with me this weekend and I loved it.
My week started really well. My mum insured me to drive the car for the first time since passing my test in November. I drove to the train station, did a pretty good spot of reverse parking into the only space there, and picked up my flatmate. Over the next three days we did all sort of nice things like walks on the beach, having chips at Arbroath harbour, relaxing in front of the fire, playing HP trivial pursuit and watching The Half-Blood Prince.

Before Eilidh got the train back to Aberdeen we went for lunch at the Pavilion Cafe in Montrose. A newish place I've been meaning to visit for ages. Afterwards I did some driving around town on my own until Scott was home from work. We took down the Christmas tree in his house and started making lasagne for tea. That is when I started to get really really cold...

After a very restless nights sleep and being unable to drag myself out of bed until 12pm I drove home, put my jammies back on and barely moved the three days I was that unwell with the flu. I basically slept through it the first day but the second day I was able to stay awake a bit better so I was Jurassic Park and the Incredibles. I've also watched The Man From U.N.C.L.E and Spectre this week.

Thank goodness on Sunday I was feeling a little better again so drove into town with Dad. We also had to take the dogs for a quick walk because they had been neglected but after that I was done in. Obviously not too tired to stay up and watch Sherlock though! 

Not the way I had planned to spend the first day of the year... I have blog posts in my drafts I was unable to even open this week but I promise they will all be coming your way soon.

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