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Tuesday, January 17

Beneath the Skin*

"Taking a job in the studio of an Edinburgh taxidermist probably isn’t Walt’s wisest decision. Suffering from combat stress and struggling to outrun the demons from his past, he now finds himself confronted by the undead on a daily basis.

His enigmatic boss, Alys, and her sister, Mouse, have their own uneasy relationship with the past. Someone doesn’t want to let them go. Can Walt save Mouse’s eight-year-old son, William, from becoming the next victim? And can he save himself?

Deliciously disturbing, this psychological thriller peels back the skin of one modern family to reveal the wounds no one wants to see. It deals with the effects of trauma and how facing up to vulnerability is sometimes the only way to let go of the past."

I do love reading a good thriller and normally the ones I enjoy are quite dark so when I was asked to review Sandra Ireland's debut novel I jumped at the chance to read something new. Living in the same area of Scotland as I do I was excited to read what a local author had to say for a change.

At first the location of the taxidermy shop slightly disturbed me, I find them creepy in real life too, but this just helped me empathise with the main character, Walt, even more. You can tell something bad has happened to him right from the start and only discover slowly just what happened to him that lead him to Edinburgh. 

In fact all the characters appear to be going through a traumatic time but you start to care about them very quickly and keep turning the pages. The character development is my favourite thing about the book and something I think Sandra Ireland had done exceptionally well. 

I wouldn't believe anyone that said they saw the twist coming at the end. I certainly didn't and had to stay up into the night to find out what happened to Walt, Alys and Mouse. If thrillers are your cup of tea I'd recommend Beneath the Skin anytime. I can't wait to see what the future Sandra Ireland books look like.

You can buy the book on Amazon here.

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