My week in pictures #205

Monday, January 16

(From top left) New shoes arrived from TwinkleDeals - sadly too late for the party season. I finally got to put my electric blanket on my bed after getting it for Christmas (best thing ever!). I've been looking out for Jamie's 15 Minute Meals in the sale but in the meantime I've borrowed a copy from my boyfriends Mum. A few start of term purchases, a new notebook, frames for my wall and bargain £4 slippers from TK Maxx.
This week started slowly because I was still recovering from having the flu. Infact I didn't leave the house much at all until Wednesday. Mum and I did go to get a chippy tea on Monday though because Dad was out. We then watched TV in front of the fire which was very chilled. 

On Wednesday though I finally got to go and spent time with Scott, with being unwell the week before and not wanting to give him the flu at the weekend it felt like I'd barely seen him. We made an easy tea and chilled watching The Grand Tour before bed. Once I got home on Wednesday I looked healthier so I bulk shot some outfit pictures including my Hogmanay outfit which you'll have already seen. 

On Friday I planned to go back to Aberdeen so that meant an early start and a morning on packing. I take far too much home with me for the holidays. I blame blogging and not wanting to be away from my wardrobe... We left the house at 2:30pm and drove back in the snow to Aberdeen only stopping at the supermarket so my parents could restock my cupboards. 

My weekend was pretty chilled, watching TV on Friday night, I took my fitbit for its first swim on Saturday morning then organised last semesters uni work that I couldn't face after the exams. Scott came round not long after and we spent the whole day relaxing (probably not necessary) before heading to Cosmo in Union Square for tea. Sunday was basically spent between the bed and the sofa. I did manage to have a relaxing bath before we went out briefly to browse round TK Maxx. I smashed the screen of my phone in the carpark though - it is only small but i am absolutely gutted!

All we did for the rest of the day was watch TV, eat ribs for tea and then watch Silent Witness in bed. The perfect way to prepare for the start of a new semester.

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