Easy Winter Fat Face Knitwear and Levis

Friday, January 27

Shirt: F&F at Tesco | Jumper: Fat Face (similar) | Jeans: Levis | Boots: JD Williams*
Everyone needs a winning combination in their wardrobe that is really easy but makes you look like you've tried. This is just that kind of outfit for me - knitwear is so versatile and the oatmeal colour of this one looks great with this checked shirt. Finish the outfit off with this pair of levis which are super comfy for everyday wear and the boots make me feel slightly like a cowgirl... something I really enjoy feeling like!

I wore this outfit to travel back up to Aberdeen after the Christmas holidays - unfortunately it was snowing so maybe not the most practical choice. As soon as this shirt is out of the wash I'm sure it is going to become a staple in my uni wardrobe too.

Unfortunately this jumper has gone kind of bobbly but I've been researching how to make it feel like new again online. Do you have any advice for this problem?

See the last time I styled this Fat Face jumper - A New Fat Face Outfit.

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