How To Plan a Productive and Fulfilled Weekend

Wednesday, April 17

You hear the phrase that "weekends should be three days long - a productive day, a fun day and a day for relaxing" a lot and I really feel that most weekends. Sunday evening rolls round so quickly and it feels like I've not stopped all weekend, I've still got so much to do and I've not done anything I enjoy. 

That's when I started to look at the way I was planning my weekend and how I was creating a to-do list (either physical or in my head). I discovered that in order to have a fulfilled weekend that meant working out which jobs were most important and getting them done but also finding time for a couple of things I wanted to do. 

So, I now split my weekend to do list into three categories something I need to get done, somethings that would be good to get done and somethings that I'd like to do. This way I don't get overwhelmed by chores but also don't spend my weekend doing fun things at the expense of necessary tasks (although sometimes that still happens). 

Something I Need To Get Done

On Friday afternoon I think about the one thing you feel you really need to get done this weekend - only one! What would you feel really disappointed you didn't achieve when Sunday night comes? This can either be a half hour task or something that takes all day but either way you have to find the time to do it to feel like you've had a productive weekend. 

Something That Would Be Good To Get Done

This category is where you put all the other things that you need to do... but not necessarily this weekend. They can be done during the week or even next weekend because they aren't that important. I often find I have time to tick some or all of these off the list because they are small and achievable but when I'm heading to bed on Sunday evening I'm not worried if I've not done them. 

Somethings That I'd Like To Do

Finally the most exciting category is the things you'd like to do with your well earned time off at the weekend. Normally I have a few things on this list I can pick from depending on what time I have available but it's really important to me to do at least one of them for a fulfilled weekend. 

My examples would be things like doing some baking, spending a couple of hours enjoying crafting or pottering around in the garden. They can even be as simple as enjoying a long walk with the dog or sitting down to a couple of episodes of a TV show I'm enjoying. 

I am hoping you can now see how splitting your to do list into these three categories can help you plan for a productive and fulfilled weekend. They often can compliment each other and as long as you can achieve your most important task you can choose things from your other lists depending on time and your mood. 

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