My week in pictures #207

Sunday, January 29

(From top left) I made a the sausage meat chilli from my HelloFresh box on Monday. My friends and I booked a cottage for seven weeks during the summer to do out mapping project. Scott and I have booked four days in Budapest for New Year - I'm so excited! I finished the third Harry Potter this week and think it is one of my favourites. I was in the mood for baking on Thursday so made a lemon drizzle cake. Two new purchases while out shopping in Dundee and St. Andrews with Mum and Dad.
This week started pretty much the same as last week with lectures and dragging myself out of bed and to the gym. Different to our usual schedule though Scott came and stayed with me on Tuesday night because I had the flat to myself. We made enchiladas for tea and watched the Grand Tour before bed.

After Scott had left on Wednesday I had a really productive morning doing housework then went to Zumba. I was so stiff after exercising two days in a row I could barely move... After work Scott came back to mine and we made cottage pie for dinner and watched the two episodes of Silent Witness. 

Thursday and Friday were busy with lectures and I was so sore from earlier in the week I decided to give the gym a miss. After class on Friday I went back to the flat to give it a quick tidy and pack for going home for the weekend. I told my mum the train got in earlier than it did so she was at the station to pick me up.

My aunty and uncle came for dinner so we had a lovely family night and a catch up. On Saturday the weather was pretty grim so we decided to go to St. Andrews via TK Maxx in Dundee. It was there I managed to pick up a leather jacket for a bargain in the sale. I remember trying it on last year but not taking the plunge so getting it in the sale was really lucky. Mum and I spent a while in the H&M sale section and I got this dress for a bargain price too.

The weather turned out to be really awful so we were happy to be back in the car and heading home to the fire. Sunday started out pretty chilled too reading my book in bed before showering so I could take some outfit pictures. Scott came around in the afternoon and we went back to Dundee for a wander round the big Tesco, Homebase, Next home and Dunelm Mill. On the way home we got a cheeky milkshake from McDonalds - always feels weird now spending the day with him but not the night!

Now I'm just relaxing beside the fire and that is how I plan to spend the rest of my Sunday evening.

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