My week in pictures #208

Monday, February 6

(From top left) To start the week I made energy bites to help with my chocolate cravings. I don't think Dan wanted to take a selfie with me. I had a good feeling about Saturday's rugby match - proud to support Scotland. I finished Sharp Objects this week and LOVED it. I was craving a salad for lunch on Friday which is very unlike me. Homemade steak pie for Sunday dinner. 
My week started off at home where I made energy bites from Deliciously Ella's book for a healthier post gym snack. I also forced my dogs to make selfies with me... something they don't do willingly. Afterwards I got the train back to Aberdeen in time for my 3pm lecture.

On Tuesday I was up early to get some work done before going into uni then the gym before coming back for a late lunch. I got lots done so I could spend a relatively chilled evening catching up on Shadowhunters. Wednesday was another productive morning before I headed into town to meet Scott when he finished work. We went to Morrisons to buy food to cook for dinner but once we got home we ended up ordering pizza from Papa John's. I'd love to say we were very tired but we were probably just lazy. We were asleep by just after 9pm...

Thursday mornings class dragged... but I was able to make it to the gym again before coming home for lunch. I was pretty keen to go to bed that night to finish 'Sharp Objects' which had a great twist near the end. Friday was a BUSY day at uni and I didn't get home until 6:30pm... totally ruined the Friday feeling because I was so tired.

The weekend has been really good though. I spend Saturday morning giving the flat a much needed clean and tidy. In the afternoon I sat down to watch Scotland beat Ireland in the first game of the 6 nations rugby. Afterwards I went to meet Scott who was at the football and we got the train to his. A few pints in the pub later we headed home to get a takeaway for dinner. 

Sunday was a properly chilled day - we only left the house to visit lidl for food. The rest of the time was spent lying on the sofa. I also made a chocolate tart while Scott prepared steak pie and mashed tatties. All this was eaten while watching Silent Witness and getting another early night. 

After doing a really good job in January I've not had many ideas for new blog posts. What would you like to see more of from me? Any inspiration is welcome!

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