A Flattering Navy A-Line Dress with Sparkly Heels

Wednesday, February 1

Dress: H&M | Shoes: Twinkle Deals* | Bag: Accessorize | Necklace: Topshop
This dress caught my eye on the H&M sale rail on Saturday and the £5 price tag made me go and try it on. It is very loose and shapeless on the hanger but looks super flattering on. I've had this problem in H&M before but this dress is actually a size 16. I wouldn't say I have fat arms but they are probably chunkier than average and I can find their sleeves quite tight. The size 12 was too tight and luckily the size 16 wasn't noticeably bigger elsewhere. 

One of the things I notice about shooting outfit posts is when I come to edit them, with some time passed, is I often think 'oh I really don't like that after all' but with this dress it is the complete opposite. I've fallen more in love with it, the material is soft, it is very swishy and so flattering too. 

A very plain dress need some bold accessories - this big necklace doesn't come much bolder and it was a birthday present last year. The Accessorize bag is a new purchase because it finally came down to half price in the sale. I've had my eye on it since it came into the shop in the autumn and was VERY patient.

Last but not least the Twinkle Deals shoes. Annoyingly they arrived too late for my Hogmanay look but the dress up this outfit perfectly. The grey will go with alot of my wardrobe and the sparkly heels adds a great touch - I'm wishing I had them in red too now. The only thing I will say about these shoes is they do appear to come up small. I'm pretty much a perfect 5 but they are very tight on me. Hopefully Twinkle Deals can still exchange them.

Do you love this dress as me? How do you feel I styled the heels? Let me know in the comments below.

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