A Birthday Weekend in Pitlochry

Friday, March 24

You might have seen on my Instagram stories over the weekend that my boyfriend took me to Pitlochry as a Birthday surprize. We drove their Saturday morning and stayed two nights before getting back on Monday afternoon.

It was an idyllic break and just what the two of us needed - especially Scott who works so hard. Today I thought I would share some of my pictures with you and give you some recommendations if you fancy a weekend in the Scottish Highlands.

Staying: Craigmhor Lodge & Courtyard

This lodge is one of the nicest places I've every stayed - we were in the Deluxe Room outwith the main house. We had our own balcony, a huge freestanding bath, a small dining area and big king size bed. It was beautifully decorated, welcoming and always cosy. I honestly couldn't fault it - they did win National Winner Guest House of the Year in the Scottish Hotel Awards in 2014 after all.

One of the main reasons for this must have been their breakfasts which are included in the price of your say. Now I don't have a lot of experience with hotel breakfasts because we normally opt not to have them so this was a real treat. A selection of cooked breakfasts every morning as well as cereal, yoghurt and fruit to choose from. On the Sunday I had pancakes and bacon (the photo didn't save) and on the Monday it was smoked haddock. Scott had something different every morning too and it looked equally delicious. 

Doing: Pitlochry Dam Walk

Once we checked in on the Saturday afternoon we took a walk down Pitlochry high street and down by the river to the dam and famous fish ladder. As it was later on it was perfectly peaceful and I got to take some photos of the stunning scenery. 

Eating: The Plaice To Be

After what wasn't a very active day Scott and I decided we didn't fancy getting dressed up to go out to eat plus we had to walk past the chippy on our way home. So we took the lazy option and while I queued for our fish suppers (including a white pudding and black pudding to share) Scott went to the coop and bought a couple of bottles of cider. 

It was really tasty and the fish was delicious. Plus the table in our room made us feel more civilised. Just what we needed to relax even if it was a bit cheeky.

Doing: Ben Vrakie

Scott picked out this walk before we arrived so on Sunday we put on our walking boots and headed up the path to Ben Vrakie. The first section of the walk was alright but at 841m high at the summit it became quite a steep climb. So steep in fact I couldn't believe the bath went straight up the side of the mountain we were standing under. 

After puffing out way to the top it was well worth the effort because the views were amazing. It would have been great to stay longer but the wind was really strong and the temperatures were freezing. We got our photos and headed back towards the car. Overall the walk took us three and a half hours - I tried to track it on my fitbit but I don't think the GPS was very good.

Eating: Victoria's Restaurant

Finally as one last birthday treat on Sunday night Scott had booked Victoria's for dinner after some research. The restaurant was lovely all light up by candles when we arrived. For a starter we shared the battered prawns which were lovely, light and crispy. I had steak pie for main which is the perfect Sunday dinner food while Scott has the Salmon. 

After half a bottle of wine and all the food I barely had room for dessert but it was my birthday so I did my best. The chocolate brownie was rich and delicious. The perfect last evening to a lovely weekend. I'd go away all the time if I could.

Scott does lovely things for me all the time but I'm honestly so thankful for the best birthday present I could have asked for. I'll be back in the Scottish Highlands in just two weeks!

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