My week in pictures #214

Tuesday, March 21

(From top left) Sedimentary logging has got me feeling sleepy. The view from the dam at Pitlochry. Chippy tea in our room on Saturday night. We made it to the top of Ben Vrackie (but only just). Don't think my fitbit got the distance quite right but it was a good effort for a Sunday morning. Steak Pie is the perfect Sunday/Birthday meal.  
How did last week begin? I honestly can't remember but it was so busy. In the week leading up to my birthday I had an assignment to finish which took up a lot of my time. Plus the normal classes and gym session (I skipped one because I needed more time in my week). 

Scott picked me up from uni on Wednesday and as it was still early we walked along to TK Maxx before making a Mexican chicken dish for dinner. We chose out fail-safe favourite taggart to watch before we fell asleep. 

On Thursday I decided to spend the whole day at uni, not wasting time going to the gym or back to the flat for lunch, to get my assignment finished. It was productive so I was able to head back about 4pm without feeling guilty. Shoutout to my flatmate Eilidh for passing her tutor visit on Thursday too - I couldn't be happier for her. 

Friday was BUSY and it barely stopped! After an early start I submitted my assignment around 12pm and dashed home for lunch. I walked in the train to get my eyebrows done but it was the ladies lunch break and I didn't have to wait before dashing back to uni. I was in class from 3-6pm then rushed home to pack and head to Wagamamas for tea with my flatmate and her boyfriend. After a drink in the pub I caught the train to my boyfriends so when I got in after 10pm I was pretty shattered.

It was all worth it though because Scott was taking me away for the weekend. It was the most perfect weekend too. We had the most relaxed time, having a chippy tea, doing some hillwalking and having a nice birthday meal. I have loads of photos so I plan to keep the details for another blog post later in the week. 

This post is actually so late that it is my 22nd Birthday today. I'm a bit of a Birthday Princess and it is my favourite day of the year and although everything hasn't gone to plan I'm looking forward to celebrating it. 

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