Blossom Embroidered Denim Jacket

Wednesday, April 26

Chions: Fat Face | Top: Levis | Jacket: Tu at Sainsburys | Shoes: Cath Kidston
My mum spotted this awesome jacket on the Tu website and called me to tell me about it. I've been talking about a denim jacket recently because I thought one would fit right into my spring/summer wardrobe. As soon as I saw this jacket I know it was the right one for me and my lovely mum bought it for me while I was in Aviemore. They don't have it online anymore but maybe it is still in store.

The pink floral blossom is a perfect match for these Fat Face chinos so I decided this would be one of my looks for a trip to Glasgow last week. Fat Face don't seem to have a pink pair of chinos this year but they do have a similar style in different colours. 

To finish this look off I added this simple levis tee with the dainty floral on the front and these Cath Kidston plimsolls. I got them in the sale last November but they've only recently come out of my wardrobe for spring. The woodland animals on them are just too cute.

I've been waiting 'not so' patiently for the blossom tree in the garden to flower to take pictures next to it but now it seems a lifetime ago. I'm back in Aberdeen where there has been grey skies, pouring rain, icy wind and SNOW!? Hopefully there will be more spring looks on the blog soon... just as long as spring actually comes back.

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