My week in pictures #220

Sunday, April 30

(From top left) A sunny walk through Seaton Park on Monday afternoon. One of the dishes from my hellofresh box I made on Instagram stories this week. Morning revision with a cuppa and porridge. My flatmate and I finished Iron Fist this week which was so good. Pizza from Papa John's on Saturday night. Looking at the nuart art in aberdeen while out shopping on Sunday.
Welcome to one of the most boring weeks of my year - revision week! I was spared some of the boredom by my Hello Fresh box which arrived last Sunday meaning I had nice food to focus on cooking in the evening. I'm thinking about doing a review - would you be interested in seeing that?

I went to the library in the morning 5/7 days this week and tried to get out in the afternoon/evening before doing some more revision. Even though the weather has been horrendous (snow in April!?) I managed to get out for a couple of walks, went into town, made it to the gym and zumba and more than one trip to McDonalds... so it hasn't all been bad!

On Friday night once my flatmate and I had finished Iron Fist on netflix and had our tea we walked along to McDonald's for a Mcflurry for pudding. Luckily Riverdale is back on Netflix so that kept us occupied. 

Saturday morning was taken up by revision in the library but afterwards Scott came round so we could go to the football. The game against St. Johnstone was pretty terrible but we showed our support anyway. Later on we ordered pizza from Papa Johns and finished watching Lucky Man. If you've not seen it on Sky then I really really recommend it.

Sadly Scott has to get home for a food order on Sunday morning so he left at about 11am leaving me to find something to do for the rest of the day. I occupied myself by walking into the city centre - sadly there were no second half ipad minis at the right price for me but I did get a good look around Primark before coming home again.

I'm counting down the minutes until 2pm on Friday when my third year exams will be over! In the meantime I have two new blog posts planned for this week so give me a follow on bloglovin' so you don't miss them!

It would also be so helpful if you could RT this tweet for me! Hopefully the power of social media can help find Titta.

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