5 Simple Student Meal Ideas (The Lunchtime Edit)

Tuesday, May 2

I've now done four simple meal ideas post so I thought it was about time to switch it up. I struggle most with food at lunch time because I get bored so easily. It is great when I have leftovers to eat but sadly they don't last very long. I live close enough to the university that I'm able to come home most days to grab something for lunch but it has to be quick and easy.

A quick and easy take on Salad Nicoise is one of my favourites. All I do is add some mayonnaise to a tin of tuna and boil an egg. Another portion will keep in the fridge for later in the week too so thats a bonus.

My flatmate has a toastie maker that I take full advantage of at lunch time. Normally I have cheese or ham and cheese because I almost always have them in the fridge. I've found that tuna mayo also works well but if you have any suggestions I'd love to know.

I love pasta too - especially the filled tortellini you can buy in the fresh pasta section in the supermarket. It cooks in around 3 minutes and once a tomato sauce and some cheese is added it makes for a delicious, filling and warming lunch.

My boyfriend laughs at me for having fish finger sandwiches but I really enjoy them. All you have to do is pop them into an oven then toast some bread. Plus fish is brain food and all I need all the brains I can get at the moment.

During the colder months (which can be most of them) I could live on soup. During busy periods I just heat soup from a tin but whenever I get the chance I like to make a batch of my own for the freezer. This one is Beetroot Soup that I actually shared a recipe for a few years ago. I also REALLY enjoyed fellow blogger Kirsty's Spicy Chorizo Bean Soup.

What do you normally enjoy for a quick and easy lunch? I'd love some new recommendations.

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