Cactus Print Summer Dress

Thursday, May 18

Dress: Monteau Los Angeles via TK Maxx | Boots: JD Williams* | Bag: Zaful* | Necklace: Accessorize 
I spotted this dress just last week in my local TK Maxx - just two days later I was in a different TK Maxx when I spotted it again. After trying it on and showing my mum (that was tactical) she treated me to it. If me sharing my flowering cactus on Instagram last week was anything to go by then you lot love them just as much as me. I say cactus print but maybe this dress is more house plant themed - doesn't sound as good thing! 

I did next to no styling here... upon opening my wardrobe I noticed that my favourite brown boots went really well with the plant pots in this dress. My daisy earring and beads round my neck finished this look off. I've worn this look today to go visit my Aunty and do some shopping. I'm pretty sure it is going to make it into my suitcase for going to Tenerife too. 

I think TK Maxx will still have this dress in stock in the Modbox section but I also found a very similar one from La Redoute.

See the last time I styled these awesome boots - Easy Winter Fat Face Knitwear and Levis

On a side note please excuse the bruises on my legs... I bruise REALLY easily and it is quite embarrassing really. This dress wouldn't look as good with dark tights. Now excuse me while I go and wrap myself in bubble wrap until I go on holiday.

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