Giving Hello Fresh a Taste #2

Tuesday, May 16

My second Hello Fresh box arrived almost a year after I got my first one. Not intentionally just life has been passing so quickly. However, my first week in back in Aberdeen after the Easter break seemed like the perfect time. It arrived on Sunday lunchtime packed with five delicious meals for the following week - I had high hopes for this box.

Sri Lankan Spiced Cod with Fruity Freekeh
We choose this as our first meal because my other half and I are both fish lovers. Even though it was weeks ago we cooked it I can still remember how delicious it tasted. I'd never had Freekeh before but it is a grain somewhere in between cous cous and rice. The addition of cranberries really lifted the flavour. Definitely one I'll make again!

Korean Chicken Drumsticks with Black Rice and Cucumber Pickle
This dish was just as delicious as the first. Everything went together so well and complimented each other. It was fairly easy to achieve on my own and I chucked the other two chicken drumsticks in the freezer to have the following week. All flavours I loved so I'll be recreating this again soon.

Creamy Risotto with Bacon, Chilli and Butternut Squash
I did a sort of 'cook along' with this recipe on my Instagram Stories but it did take the longest to complete (maybe risotto always does). I had the peel the butternut squash even though the recipe says not to because the skin spoils the dish for me. The flavours were so worth the time though - it was amazing. I put the second portion in the fridge ready for lunch the next day.

Mexican Broth with Spicy Beef and Beans
I must confess I didn't really make this recipe - I'm was cleaning the kitchen and doing dishes while my other half make it. The flavours were really similar to chilli but I liked the broth aspect, the potatoes made it nice and filling and the crunchy tortillas were tasty too. Not my favourite of the box but I still really enjoyed it.

Rosemary Glazed Chicken with Mash and Buttered Leeks
I was sort of saving the best til last with this one because I really love mashed tatties and leeks. This dish didn't disappoint either. The rosemary glaze not only flavored the chicken but also created a lovely, sweet gravy for the potatoes and leeks. As soon as I figure out where to buy rosemary jelly I'll be making this one again.

I got my box at 50% off because I spotted a voucher code on Facebook which made it come to £24.50. At this price it is great value but being a student I couldn't afford the full £50 (although I would consider halving it if I knew we both liked everything). I know Hello Fresh have worked with a few bloggers recently but I wanted to share my experience as someone who has now paid for two boxes.

My favourite thing about the boxes is they take away the need to plan five meals for the week and instead of making the same things over and over you get to try (and keep) five new recipe cards.

All these recipes (and many more) can be found on the Hello Fresh website so there really is no excuse not to try something new. See my first Hellofresh box review - Giving Hello Fresh a Taste #1

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