My week in pictures #222

Monday, May 15

(From top left) On Tuesday my flatmate and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy in the cinema. My mum bought me the dress I liked in TK Maxx so expect an outfit post later this week. We went out for a curry in St. Andrews for my mums birthday. Some delicious cheese as another birthday treat for my mum. I made chocolate pots on Instagram stories on Saturday - did you see it? I watched a film with mum on Saturday night - her choice!
No one was more excited for a fresh start to the week than me. I got back to the flat early on Monday morning and gave the place a really good post-exam tidy and clean. It meant I was able to enjoy relaxing in the afternoon.

On Tuesday I went to the gym early so my flatmate and I could go to the cinema in the afternoon. First we did a little shopping - I bought my mum a birthday present and browsed holiday clothes in Primark. Guardians of the Galaxy was SO GOOD and if you enjoy marvel I'd definitely make time to go and see it. Baby Groot made the film for me but what was Kirk from Gilmore Girls doing there… because Sean Gunn will never be anyone but Kirk to me!

I had planned to go to Zumba on Wednesday so had a chilled morning before that. Scott finished work early so when he got to mine we went to TK Maxx for a wander and a browse. In the evening we made a makey up curry with mince for tea. Thursday was spent at the gym in the morning then packing for the rest of the day so I was ready to be picked up with Scott finished work. Finally going home for the first few weeks of the summer. 

I spent a good couple of our replacing the screen in my phone thanks to last weeks drunken celebrations. It isn't easy to get the glue to come off these things and it was pretty frustrating but I managed it. 

Friday was my mum's birthday so I sat in bed with her in the morning opening cards and helping her set up the activity tracker I bought her. In the afternoon we went to St. Andrews - we had lunch in an Indian then did a little shopping. My dad took some lovely photos at the Cathedral but it was a shame we had to be so wrapped up against the cold.

On Saturday mum and I went into town and did a little charity shop shopping. Didn't find any bargains but I did get chocolate to make little chocolate pots. Which I did in the afternoon on my Instagram Stories - did you catch it? Later that day mum and I watched one of her crazy film choices 'The Fearless Vampire Killers' which was actually pretty good.

I got plenty unpacking and laundry done on Sunday morning so Scott came to get me in the afternoon. The weather was so nice to went for a walk down by the beach which was lovely. We spent some time in the garden when we got home then made giant meatballs for tea. 

The countdown is on until we go to Tenerife - just over two weeks! I'm trying to fill my time seeing family before then.

I've Instagrammed every day this week so you should check that out for more pictures - I'm ginger_claire.

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