My week in pictures #224

Sunday, May 28

(From top left) Dad and I had to recover our bee swarm from the hedges around our house. On Thursday I got my hair cut the shortest it has been in years. First BBQ of the year this week. Spent a happy couple of hours walking through the Botanic Gardens in the sunshine on Friday. Two bathrobes arrived for Scott and I from the towel shop - a review will follow later this week. On Saturday I went with my boyfriend's family to watch the Scottish Cup final in Glasgow.
Sunday night and I'm knackered! It feels like I've done an awful lot today! It has been hot too and on Monday I thought I'd take a walk up the road to cool down. It was only then that I noticed a swarm of bees. My dad is a bee keeper so I helped him get them back into a hive however it took us a whole hour.

On Tuesday I went to see more of my Aunts and Uncles. I have a big family and want to see everyone before I go away for the summer. We went for lunch at Panzerotti in Forfar before my aunty and I walked up the street stopping in a few different shops. We went for tea and cake at a local cafe I've been visiting all my life then back to their house. In the evening I saw all my little cousins briefly before we went to an Indian for dinner. After I got home I was left wondering why I don't make the effort to see them more - I'd had a lovely day.

On Wednesday Scott finished work early and because the weather was so glorious we took the opportunity to walk down by the beach. Later we made macaroni for tea and watched Modern Family. Thursday was pretty quiet as I tried to prepare my blog for being away almost two weeks and I knew the weekend was going to be busy.

My parents has planned to go to Edinburgh on Friday so I decided to tag along. We went for lunch at the Botanic Gardens then in the heat mum and I wandered round the garden for a couple of hours. It was hot and by the time we got home I was knackered.

I was up early again on Saturday because I was going with my boyfriend and his parents to the Scottish Cup Final in Glasgow. It was hours in the car but the football was great until the 91st minute when Celtic got their second goal denying Aberdeen a chance of victory. The fan display at the start was alot of fun to take part in so I had a good day despite the score. We didn't get home until late so a dominos then bed was in order.

Sunday has been a chilled day preparing to go on holiday. My boyfriend finally persuaded me to cut his hair and it went pretty well. I'm actually proud of myself.  We gave his house a clean before he gave me a lift home to pack. Which I didn't do alot of... but I think I've managed to fix my sunglasses so thats a bonus. We took the dogs for a walk then I had even more pizza for dinner. Now it is late so time for bed!

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