Summer Holiday Wish List

Tuesday, May 30

1. M&S Leather Tassel Sandals | 2. Accessorize Thandi Mini Purse Bag | 3. Primark Tropical Floral Bikini Top | Bottoms | 4. Fat Face Lily Giraffe Maxi Dress | 5. Peacocks Tan Slingback Mule Heels | 6. Primark Small Handbag | 7. Peacocks Orange Crepe Tapered Trousers
My plan for todays post was a little pre-holiday haul because as you are reading this I'll be on a flight to Tenerife with my boyfriend. Then it dawned on me that I'll be doing most of my holiday shopping in Glasgow the day before we fly. I've done a little preemptive wish list of the sort of things that have caught my eye.

My sandals are becoming a little worn now and because I like options I've been looking for new ones. This M&S pair would be comfy for walking during the day and I love the colour. The heels from peacocks would look great with dresses at night and the chunky heel would make them comfortable too. 

The only thing I really need is a small handbag - I took a bigger one away with me last time and it annoyed me constantly. I bought my flatmate this accessorize one at Christmas so I know it is a great little bag with plenty of space. This Primark one caught my eye on their Instagram - there is no guarantee it will be in store but I'll keep an eye out for it. 

I don't need anymore swimwear but this set in Primark caught my eye so I might treat myself. You can't go wrong with the price either. 

I love EVERYTHING in the Fat Face giraffe print collection and would happily wear it all. However, I think this dress would be best for my holiday. Honestly check it out because it is awesome for anyone who loves giraffes. 

Finally patterned trousers are a holiday staple. This pair might look dark but I loved the bright orange coming through. It means I could wear orange tops too which would look great. 

Honestly excited to do some holiday shopping even though I don't 'need' anything! I'm planning to do some outfit photos while I'm there so that is an excuse right!?

 Please note that I've started using affiliate links in some of my posts - this shouldn't affect you and means I'm able to earn a little extra money. Any clicks are really appreciated!

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