My week in pictures #231

Monday, July 31

(From top left) A sleepy dog after a whole day of mapping. Pretty purple flowers on the hillside. Looking over at an area that is way too steep to map. Balnakeil beach in the rain. A rainy view of my map under my paperdry. A strange family in the field I was mapping in this week.
Another six days ticked off my mapping project - I excelled myself this week! No one from home will understand how physically and mentally demanding geological mapping is but luckily I'm staying with four great people who know just what I'm going through.

Some days this week went better than other - it took me ages to get into a flow so I could work quickly but by Saturday afternoon I'd got what I wanted to do done. Sunday off was well earned!

I didn't do anything on Sunday and it was great. I stayed in my jammies most of the day until it was time to go and pick up our tesco order. In the evening we cooked a roast dinner and it was amazing. All we did for the rest of the day was do face masks and watch True Blood.

To summarise my week a conversation with my mum went like this:
Me: Anna got sent a care package from home yesterday.
Mum: Care package?
Me: You know a box full of things. Some treats some practical things.
Mum: Is that a hint?

Yes mum - yes it was!

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