Summer Styling with Fat Face

Thursday, July 27

Top: Fat Face | Jeans: Topshop | Sandals: New Look 
Every year mum and I treat ourselves to something from the Fat Face summer sale. I love them all year round but it is something they do with their summer pieces that really inspires me. Sometimes I find summer clothes to 'bare' or 'skimpy' but Fat Face never do that.

This year I choose this awesome cami top with the orange embroidered detail. I love the fit, how easy it is to style, the colour, the fabric... so basically everything. It's easy to wear too - this time I paired it with cropped denim but it also look great with denim shorts and legging too. 

They don't have this one anymore but I've linked some similar ones in the widget below if you want to check them out.

Today I finished my 13th day of mapping - I'm sick fed up of rocks now but at least the time is passing quickly! Only 22 days to go... 

See the last time I styled these cropped jeans - An Everyday Scottish Summer Outfit

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