My week in pictures #232

Monday, August 7

(From top left) Naps on the way home in the car with Bernie. Finally another sunny day mapping. I finally got round to watching the last season of Grimm... and cried! Fish and chips on a Saturday night was perfect.
This week I managed another six days of mapping only taking Sunday 'off' but there was still plenty of work to do. It was a mixed bag with the start of the week being really wet (and tears as I sat in torrential rain) to the end of the week when it ended up being quite nice. After a bit of retracing my steps I got a ton of work done.

Halfway through Wednesday I finally reached the halfway point of my 35 day mapping project - I couldn't be more relieved to be finally on the home straight.

Thursday saw the sad end of my much loved Moto G - the touch screen has been slowly going for a few weeks but it finally gave up for good. Meaning this post was difficult to put together and I'm going to have to retrace my steps to retake the photos I've referred to in my notebook. 

If you saw last weeks 'Week in Pictures' post you'll have seen the plea to my mum about a care package... well that hasn't turned up yet and to be honest I don't think she is taking it seriously. It is now four weeks since I've been in civilisation! 

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