My week in pictures #233

Sunday, August 13

(From top left) This week I watched 'The Life Aquatic' for the first time and loved it. I fell on the rocks on Tuesday... more details below. My boyfriend came to my recuse with an old iPhone so I am no longer phoneless. I do not like mapping in the rain... I was soaked! The sun finally came out again on Saturday. Probably really late to the party but I've been binge listening to my 'My Dad Wrote a Porno' and finally it laugh out loud funny.
Week five of my mappy project was definitely the most difficult so far. Everyone is getting more and more tired meaning things in the house are a little tense. Especially when you can't go out anywhere or see other people.

To help kick off my rubbish week I was mapping a particularly slippy part of the coast on Tuesday morning. I was being very careful but still managed to slip on a wave cut platform, cutting my hand and really hurting my wrist. As I was totally on my own I had no choice but to sit on the rocks until I got over feeling sick then drag myself the mile or so back to Durness. 

After I got patched up I spent the rest of the day lying on the beach feeling sorry for myself. Wednesday was improved by my new phone arriving for me - the battery is a bit dodgy but it has a great camera so it will do for now.

I've made up so many days so far that I was able to take both Wednesday and Sunday off... which both ended up being pajama days to make up for having to keep working. Apart from this I've got nothing interesting to update you all on.

Final push for the last thirteen days and I'll be home!

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