My week in pictures #234

Sunday, August 27

(From top left) Cows sleeping on the beach. We got to visit smoo cave on Tuesday. Rainy day bath - perfect to keep away the chill. The last lunch on my favourite beach on Friday. Happy to be back in the pub with my boyfriend after seven weeks. Little keepsakes and gifts for my parents from the Balnakeil Craft Village.
Woohoo!!! I'm finished my mapping project!!! The last week was a push but early on Friday afternoon I finished off by taking a photo on top of a huge rock and it was such a relief. 

Apart from that I don't have much to report - we took the day off on Wednesday because it was pouring with rain and it gave us the opportunity to catch up on work. 

On Friday my friends mum came up so we got a take away from a local restaurant. We were up early on Saturday morning, I was so excited to go home I had butterflies. The journey passed surprisingly quickly and before I knew it I was back in my boyfriends arms. It's been along seven weeks without him.

Instead of staying in we decided to go to the pub to celebrate being back which then resulted in bed at 9:30pm. Sunday has been a lazy day - I got back home in the afternoon and have just been catching up with my mum and dad. 

It is so good to be home for a couple of days!

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