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Friday, August 25

I think about clothes and fashion alot... maybe more than other people and certainly more than most of my friends. I don't think it is just because I'm a blogger - I've just always loved clothes and dressing up. I also get my share of compliments partly because what I wear stands out (particularly when I wear dresses but that is a topic for another day). It's always lovely to hear but that isn't really why I wear nice clothes.

I remember hearing recently something said by a fellow blogger, maybe it was Olivia from What Olivia Did..., about being confident in what you wear. I can come across as quite an 'out there' dresser to some of my IRL friends. I like bright colours and prints, I like to wear dresses rather than jeans and hoodies and it is always the statement pieces that catch my eye when shopping.

I think it is for this reason that I come across as a more confident dresser than a lot of other people but I really don't think I am. A lot of people talk about black is a fail safe outfit choice but I feel like a fraud - nothing makes you feel less confident than an outfit you don't feel like is you.

Search ResultsWhat Olivia Did...

Search ResultsWhat Olivia Did...

Through four years of sharing my outfits online I feel like my sense of personal style has developed and I know better than ever what is 'me'. I've tried to match the style of the people around me and felt so out of place because it is so far from who I want to be. 

Saying all this it has definitely got better as I've got older - it is easier to be who you want to be and not care. I'm an over dresser because everytime I leave the house I want to wear something nice. Something that I loved enough to spend money on so why shouldn't I wear my nice clothes everyday?

Shirt: Asos | Shorts: Asos | Sandals: New Look

Basically what I'm trying to say is I don't want to blend in - I want to wear what I want even if that means standing out because that is when I feel my most confident. 

This outfit is maybe not the most outrageous thing I've bought but it does stand out. These photos were taken along time ago and waiting for the right words to go beside them.

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