New Term Wish List

Saturday, September 16

1. Fat Face Haywood Cardigan | 2. Adidas Gazelle | 3. Fat Face Vintage Blue Everyday Straight Jeans | 4. Clarks Carleta Lyon Lace-up Ankle Boots | 5. New Look Suedette Bow Back Heeled Shoe | 6. George Faux-Suede Biker Jacket
With a new university term comes the inevitable lust for fresh items in my wardrobe. I came back to Aberdeen on Monday but despite my student loan hitting my bank account I don't really have the money to treat myself at the moment. So I thought I would make a wish list instead.

I don't know where my obsession with shoes has come from - it started off with wanting to find black ankle boots to replace my beloved Marco Tozzi ones and these clarks ones would be perfect. I then spotted the prettiest pair of bow backed heels in New Look and fell in love. They have them in pink in store and I want them. Finally a new pair of trainers wouldn't go amiss because I would get lots of wear out of them.

You can tell it is getting cold when you start looking at knitwear, this superdry one is gorgeous but I forgot to include it in the picture about. The Fat Face cardigan looks like it would be good to layer up under my coat. I need a new pair of jeans too and this Fat Face pair look like a great fit.

Last but not least is this biker jacket I spotted when I was in the supermarket. Maybe not practical for Scottish autumn and winter but I still find myself wanting it... maybe a treat for another time. 

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