My week in pictures #242

Monday, October 30

(From top left) Monday was the dreaded day when we got our mapping projects back but it is good news. In the afternoon I made some halloween cake pops and shared the recipe on my blog. We binge watched Gotham over the past few weeks - I love that show so much. I made sausage gnocchi from Jamie's 15 minute meals for tea and it was delicious. 
I've been dreading Monday ever since we handed in our mapping projects at the start of September. My heart was racing when I was waiting outside the room but it was all okay and I'm on track to get a good grade. It makes seven weeks of stress this summer almost worth it. In the afternoon I decided to do some baking to destress. 

The rest of the week was spent in the library apart from Zumba on Wednesday then swimming with Scott in the evening. I also cooked plenty of delicious food this week - I shared a recipe for Creamy Pumpkin & Chilli Risotto and I also made sausage gnocchi from Jamie's 15 minute meals in over 15 minutes.

I even up in the library on a Saturday but at least it was productive and on Sunday I got to hang out with Scott. After I'd done housework we took a super romantic trip to Costco where I got the softest jumper and enough washing liquid to last me until graduation. We then got a chippy for tea and ended up in bed early. The clocks changing always knocks me off...

This coming week I've got lots of work to do to finish my portfolio but once it is handed in I get to go home for the weekend. I can't wait!

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