Growing Up in Fancy Dress Costumes

Tuesday, October 31

It sort of feels like Halloween has passed me by this year without getting the chance to celebrate but I think that always happens when things are mid-week. I plan on spending my evening watching the bake off final but before then I thought I'd share some past fancy dress costumes. Two years ago I shared 'Growing Up in Halloween Costumes' so this year I picked out some photos from other parties.

I love dressing up more than most people but fancy dress parties seem few and far between when you're an adult. I went to a lot when I was in high school though - I love the creativity with coming up with them and DIYing them myself is all part of the fun.

This first party had a 'Peter Pan' theme so I choose to go as a mermaid. Instead of attempting the tail I made a beachy outfit using blue rags and some iridescent blue material to imitate the sea. This isn't the best photo of this costume but I don't think I have any better ones.

This 'Alice in Wonderland' Jack of Hearts costume I was really proud of. Made from a cheap white T-shirt my mum helped me do a jester style collar on it and flaps on the bottom too. All that was left was a band for around the middle and hearts sewn onto the front. 

I'm sure this 'Alice in Wonderland' party was just a few month after the first but this time I decided to be 'clever' and go as a rose bush half painted red. I spent ages making these flowers from fabric and sewing them into a green top. Again it is another costume I don't have many photos of.

Toy Story is one of my favourite films so when going to a 'Disney & Pixar' themed party it seemed an obvious choice. I painted the shirt myself with ordinary paint and I think it is a pretty good copy. My mum helped with the chaps and we ironed them onto a pair of jeans with hemming tape. Of course we already had multiple pairs of cowboy boots in the house...

Annoying my main memory from this night was feeling so out of place. Everyone else I knew had gone for more 'sexy' costumes and I just didn't feel right in jeans and cowboy boots. It annoys me because I know I wouldn't care now! It is a damn fine costume after all.

I shared this 'Merida' costume on my blog when I originally wore it but unfortunately I can't take the credit. I was so busy with exams at the time that my mum helped with sewing the gold neck, elbow and wrist details on a dress I bought very cheaply on ebay.

I totally intended to wear this costume again but the moment hasn't arrived yet - plus I want to buy a bow and arrow.

A whole year later I needed another costume before my final leavers party but again I was so busy with exams I decided to buy my first costume. To this day I'm not totally sure who I was supposed to be and there is photos of me wearing both Woody's (from ToyStory) hat and a mexican hat that night.

All that's left to say is can someone please have a fancy dress party and invite me?

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