Learning to Style Dungarees

Tuesday, November 7

A pair of Dungarees have been on my wish list for over a year now but I hadn't found the right pair at the right price. The ones in Fat Face were nice but I wasn't 100% sure about the fit and the price was too much for a gamble. However, I spotted this pair in Tu at Sainsburys and snapped them up when they had a 25% off event.

Dungarees: Tu at Sainsburys | Top: Fat Face (similar) | Boots: Office (similar

There is no denying that they are a tricky thing to style without looking like a farmer. I'm not sure that I've got it right yet but my goal is to pair them with more feminine tops underneath. I'm sure they will look great with my mustard blouse but today I wore this pretty Fat Face top because it has big sleeves. 

My only issue is that I wish they were a little more fitted (and maybe my mum was right and they do need an iron) but overall I'm really happy with them especially for £18. As soon as I find my style with them I'm sure they will be the perfect item for layering that will see me through the rest of autumn, winter and spring.
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