My week in pictures #243

Sunday, November 5

(From top left) I'm so happy to finally have the new emoji update to play with - especially the giraffe! Bake Off was the only thing keeping me going in the library on Tuesday. This assessment has been long but on Friday I finally submitted it. I'm now the proud owner of a slow cooker thanks to my aunty so I'm excited to see what I can make.
My week was pretty tedious in the library... I did a couple of other things to break up the days but it was still pretty boring so I'm going to jump straight to 10:30am on Friday when the portfolio was finally submitted. 

I had plans to go home for the weekend so after ranting for my friends for a little while I got back to the flat to tidy up and pack before going to meet my boyfriend for a lift home. In the evening I was happy to do nothing and let me parents cook for me.

Saturday was an early start because we were going to see my aunty in Perth. I've not seen her since May so it was great to catch up plus she donated her slow cooker to me because she doesn't use it anymore. I'm excited to see what new recipes I can make so if you have any favourites please leave them in the comments. 

For the first time in ages I let myself sleep until I was ready to wake up on Sunday. After a slow start mum and I headed into town to get a few things, we had a tasty lunch and took the dogs out for a walk as it was getting dark. A pretty great lazy Sunday before the start of another productive week.

I've got a few exciting things coming up in November that I'm excited to share with you but in the mean time: 

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