My First Pair of Girlfriend Jeans

Thursday, November 16

Last month my much loved levis got a hole in them so they needed replaced quickly. Buying the right pair of jeans (at the right price) is notoriously difficult but I spotted this pair in Sainsburys and snapped them up.

I've never bought into the Mom jean or Girlfriend jean trend but I knew I wanted a more relaxed pair for comfort so I decided to give them ago. I think this pair are a little looser than I would have liked but they are comfy enough to wear all day which is always a bonus.

Is it just me or do they keep changing the names for different styles of jeans? I used to be able to buy slim fit and they were perfect but I don't seem to be able to get them anymore...

Top: Zara | Jeans: Tu Clothing | Boots: Helly Hansen (similar)
I always try to balance my outfits a little so if I'm wearing something loose on the bottom then something fitted on the top is more flattering. I've had this Zara top for years but it has found a new lease of life with these jeans. The boots I borrowed from my mum and they match perfectly. All my shoes are wearing out at the same time and I'm feel totally unprepared for winter. Hopefully my student loan will allow me to invest in some new pairs this month.

Do you have a recommendation for a pair of jeans that aren't skinny or tight fitting?

See the last time I styled this top - Edinburgh's Festival Fringe

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