My week in pictures #245

Monday, November 20

(From top left) We finished watching Rellik this week which I really enjoyed despite the confusing timeline. Before the theatre we went to the 'Noose & Monkey and I had macaroni with haggis. On Thursday we went to see Grease - it was amazing! I managed to get into a better gym routine this week. Christmas present inspiration in Oliver Bonas. The best games aren't always the ones - annoyingly.  
My new week started well with a morning trip to the gym then catching up with some things in the flat. I also bought my boyfriend and I tickets to the Geoscience Ball so now I'm excited for March next year. I also went along to a talk for the current third years about mapping projects which made me so glad I'm not in their shoes again.

All week I've been trying to get started on a report which is due early next week but because some parts are group work I've not really been able to get very far. Especially when you find out that one person hasn't done a crucial task... honestly group work shouldn't be allowed in your final year. 

Finally Thursday was the day I'd been looking forward to for ages - we were off to see Grease. First we met up with my flat mates family and got some food at the 'Noose & Monkey' before heading to His Majesties Theatre. The show was just as fantastic as I remembered it and I must admit to feeling a bit emotional as the overture started. 

The rest of my week was pretty chilled with a few trips to the library and the gym. On Saturday I even managed to get to the library an hour before it opened... oops! Then in the afternoon I treated myself with a trip to the shops and got back just in time to watch the rugby. 

On Sunday I managed to get the flat cleaner than it has been in the longest time. Then my boyfriend came round and we walked to lidl to get some shopping - including the ingredients for nachos. We watched telly while eating it then we were asleep by the time 'I'm a Celeb' started so I have that to look toward to.

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